Drying your car once you’re done cleaning is a must. If you were to skip this step minerals from the water will dry on your car leaving water spots and ruin all of your hard work. 

There are many methods when it comes to drying a car but we, without doubt recommend that you use a soft, plush microfibre drying cloth. 

The old fashioned chamois was the detailers choice for many years, but due to the lack of surface area this can lead to scratches in the paint work. 

Take a look below and find the perfect microfibre drying cloth for you!

  • Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Car Cloths Double-Side Plush Smear Free & Chemical Free Cleaning 40x40cm- 80% polyester, 20% polyamide material composition, high-class and power microfiber, car wash towels can clean your car efficiently without leaving any scratching paints, lint or streak residue. These cleaning cloths is an expert in your daily cleaning! Thick, deep dual-sided micro car cloths rags can absorb more and dries more quickly.
  • Microfiber Car Cleaning Cloths Antibacterial Drying Towel Dual Layer Ultra-Thick for Polishing Waxing Cleaning Polishing and Drying Cloths Auto Detailing Towels- Absorbent microfiber drying towel is made of highly refined loop woven microfiber and silk banded edges. Effective cleaning under wet and dry conditions. Great for cleaning auto interior, exterior and glass. Our car polish cloths are made of non-abrasive microfibre material and will not leave scratches or lint.
  • 1200gsmSuper Absorbent Microfibre Auto Cloths Thick Plush Cloths 40×40 cm, for Car Wash, Cleaning and Buffing Streak Free & Lint Free Quick Dry- Microfiber car cleaning cloths with 1200gsm power ensures its super water absorbing capacity, softness and strength. which can absorb eight times more than traditional cleaning microfiber, No streak residue leaving, easily clean the surface. So you can greatly reduce the drying time.
  • Large & Thick Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Strong Absorption with Fine Workmanship, Non-Abrasive High Density Ultra Shine Microfiber Towels- The car drying towel is perfect for interior & exterior car detailing like wax removal, washing car surface, buffing, removing dirt, polishing & wiping windows. Perfect for multipurpose cleaning. These car wash towels is perfect for washing, waxing, dusting, polishing and drying your vehicles, windows, glasses, mirrors, dishes and other household wares.
  • Microfibre Multipurpose Cleaning Cloths Super Soft for Home Office , Kitchen, Bathroom, Car, Window and General House Cleaning- These dry & wet double use polishing cloth can be used as car microfiber towel, microfiber cloths for cleaning, household microfiber rags, and dusting cloths. Highly effective microfiber captures dust, dirt and debris; safe to use on hard surfaces, paints and clear coats. Use wet or dry and with or without chemicals.
  • LUXURY CAR CARE – The microfibre cloth is our bestseller for car care and ideal for cleaning, polishing, removing car wax and seals, cleaning, drying and washing!
  • 1100 GSM – If there is one criterion that objectively assesses a cleaning cloth for paint care, it is the g/m2. This microfibre cleaning cloth is ideal for paint preparation, vehicle preparation and car polishing!
  • ULTRA GENTLE – The fluffy wiping cloth is made of extremely soft microfibre and is perfect for removing the polish or car shampoo and allocating the detailer. The dry cloth is extremely absorbent and gentle on the paintwork!
  • UNMATCHED – The car cleaning cloth is not your conventional towel or cloth for cleaning: Due to the ultra dense, lacquer-protecting fibre structure, the cloth is perfect for car valeting and lacquer preparation!
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE – If your auto or motorcycle does not look as good as new after the car care with the car polishing cloth, we will refund you the full amount.
  • Thick ultra absorbent towel that will change how you dry your car!
  • Soft and safe on your vehicles paint work
  • Soft edging kind on paint
  • Fabric spec: 920gsm
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Super absorbent drying towel
  • Perfect for car care as microfibre car drying cloth and car polishing cloth; excellent car care, paint polish & streak-free drying; car detailing and professional car preparation through perfect polishing without holograms
  • You can apply wax, polish, varnish cleaner and polish it out lint-free. Brings a deep shine and lets paint, interior and cockpit shine clean again – for car drying, car care and cleaning
  • Brings car, motorcycle, boat, bicycle back to high gloss without fluff and lint – better than cotton car cloths and other car cleaning cloths or rags; with satin edge work streak-free without scratches with this car care set
  • Super fluffy high pile make the microfibre cloth the standard car cleaning cloth or rim cleaning cloth – no matter if you want to dry windows, polish the car or clean the interior.
  • Creates shine especially when cleaning dark car paint in black, blue, grey, and cleans the cockpit like a magnet (washable up to 60 degrees C). Composition: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
  • ABSORBENT WATER MAGNET: absorbs up to 11 times its own weight. Simply pull the large and fluffy XL microfibre cloth over the wet surface, e.g. the bonnet – done. Streak-free dried without holograms.
  • ULTRA SOFT WITHOUT FLUFF: extremely soft and lint-free 1200 gsm high pile on both sides with a round-stitched fabric edge for total scratch freedom of 40 x 40 cm.
  • INTERIOR & EXTERIOR: Our car wash cloth creates better shine especially in dark lacquer in black, blue, grey and cleans the cockpit dust-free (washable up to 30 °C). Composition: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
  • BEST CAR CARE: use for regular car care (detailer, waxing, drying, washing) or for perfect polishing.