Product description,

Prestone Extreme Performance Screen Wash ensures maximum cleaning power to remove stubborn dirt from your windscreen. It also helps you drive in extreme conditions all year round, by melting ice down to -18?C and preventing dangerous sun dazzle.

This highly effective screenwash works in temperatures down to -23 degree C ensuring visibility during the coldest winter months. Using hydrodynamic technology prestone screenwash leaves a repellent film on the windscreen to help repel road spray which can contain damaging and visibility impairing salts, traffic film and road grime. In the height of summer our screenwash continues to protect the windscreen by removing insect deposits leaving a smear free windscreen and fresh fragrance.

Product description 

CarPlan Demon Shot 5ml can be added to your current screenwash to boost the freezing performance when the temperature drops unexpectedly, alternatively, the super concentrated formula can be used to make 25L of screenwash.

The powerful nanomeric formulation also helps to refresh the screenwash system by alleviating odours and leaving a fresh cherry fragrance. Demon Shot comes in a handy sized bottle allowing it to be easily stored within your glove box.

Makes up to 25L of screenwash

Super concentrated formula

Fresh cherry fragrance

Product description, 

Highly concentrated formula

The 500ml container makes up to 8 litres of screenwash

Easily cut through road grime, insect remains and everything else

Suitable for all wash jet types, as well as headlight wash units, safe on paintwork and trim

Product description, 

CarPlan All Seasons Ready Mix Screenwash is a ready mixed with water for convenience. No need to dilute! Simply pour directly into the windscreen washer bottle.  

Effective fast action cleaning Ideal for use in summer and winter. Helps to prevent the wind Screenwasher bottle from freezing, down to -5°C. Contains anti-smear agents to prevent haze, leaving windscreen crystal clear APPLICATIONAdd directly to windScreen washer bottle.  

Product description, 

  • Professional quality cleaning
  • High visibility, no streak formula
  • Intensive cleaning – Quickly removes stubborn dirt and traffic film
  • Melts ice and can be used all year round
  • 5l bottle for more cleaning

Professional cleaning for high visibility, Holts Concentrated Screen Wash quickly removes the dirt that builds up while you drive and has a specially developed no-smear formula to leave your windscreen crystal clear. Dilute the screen wash with water to your needs, and use it in all seasons.

High visibility all year round. Dirt, traffic film, insects and bird deposits can impair the view through your windscreen and cause glare from strong sunlight or oncoming headlights at night, which can be dangerous. Make sure your windscreen is clean and clear all year round.

Concentrated formula

Dilute the screen wash with water to your needs, and use it in all seasons.