You may be used to using an old sponge when it comes to cleaning your pride and joy but trust us when we say this, sponges are magnets for scratches. By using a wash mitt you are increasing the surface area in contact with the vehicle. When increasing the surface area you give the dirt and debris a lower chance of touching the surface and a higher chance of getting lost within the mitt. 

With the mitt fitting straight on your hand you will minimise any chance of dropping the wash mitt and collecting a bunch of dreaded dirt! 

Check out our list below to see the wash mitts we recommend.

Product description,

The Meguiar’s A7301 Luxurious Lambswool Wash Mitt will pamper your paintwork and is ideal for sensitive finishes that mark easily. The gentle washing action of genuine Lambswool is much better then sponges and conventional wash mitts. On the reverse side there is a special non-abrasive bug removing gauze.

Tip: Always wash your car from top to bottom.

Tip: Never use dish washing detergent as it can strip wax protection, promote oxidation and may lead to premature deterioration of vinyl, plastic and rubber trim. For the best results, use in conjunction with: 1. Meguiar’s RG203 Yellow 5 Gallon Bucket (x 2) with the Meguiar’s X3003 Professional Grit Guard. One bucket with the professional grit guard in the bottom and filled with water to rinse off the dirty Wash mitt after you have cleaned part of the car.

Product description,

Meguiar’s microfibre wash mitt 20x28x4cm our new and improved microfibre wash mitt allows for swirl-free washing while lifting and trapping the dirt.

This super soft microfibre mitt provides a gentle wash action and is machine washable.

The benefits: – absorbent microfibre carries more suds and water – plush microfibre loops lift and trap dirt and grime away from the surface to prevent scratching – the ultimate wash mitt for show car perfect finishes

Product description,

  • The washing glove works cleanly and gently. Better than a car wash sponge, microfibre cloth or polishing cloth; ideal with Glart car shampoo 45AS for cars, motorhomes, motorbikes and bicycles – cleans dirt and creates shine
  • With cuffs: prevents slipping and injuries to the hand; just like pro car wash for rims, paint, windows and panes without microfiber cloth; also in the household for window cleaning
  • High absorbency, up to 12-fold absorption in water – better than microfibre cloths, dry cloths, polishing cloths or cleaning cloths; the best for car preparation; supports the formation of foam with shampoo for super-shine washing
  • High pile, fluffy without scratches car wash; ideal for black and blue paint; replaces your car wash sponge; perfect condition for subsequent paint sealing; size: approx. 27×17 cm; composition: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
  • Perfect car wash by hand: Microfibre glove for car wash without scratches, fluff or lint; ideal cleaning glove; removes dirt, pollen, dust and insects like an insect remover

Product description,

  • Microfiber car wash mitt absorbs 6x its weight in water for fast, efficient results; can be used with plain/soapy water or for drying
  • Lint-free, scratch-free, and non-abrasive to paint for peace of mind and superior results
  • Interior foam liner provides a cushioning effect and accommodates various amounts of pressure
  • Elastic wrist cuff helps keep mitt in place on hand; machine washable for easy cleaning; can be reused again and again
  • Mitt measures 25 by 20 cm; backed by an AmazonBasics limited one-year warranty

Product description,

  • Soft noodle surface – to attract and lift dust and dirt whilst protecting paint, chrome and other surfaces
  • Mesh surface – to help remove stubborn stains and grime from windscreens, hub caps, headlights and bumper bars
  • One size fits all with non-slip elastic cuff
  • Highly absorbent
  • Easy to clean and machine washable